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Just tell me how much it costs

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

How much does an HR chatbot cost?

“How much does a chatbot cost?” or, “What’s the price of a chatbot?”. It’s always one of the questions that people have when starting to look for an HR chatbot. Here at Human Resources intelligence, we have received this question many times within the first couple of minutes of any conversation.

We know that budget matters, along with many other factors. It can dictate whether this is something that you can immediately afford or need to plan for.

As you might imagine, though, the problem with answering this question is the fact that hardly anyone publishes this information and there are some key elements to consider that can impact the cost. As a result, it can be very tough to know what the price to automate this part of your HR offering could be.

Still, I’ll do my best here to give you some understanding of what to consider that may impact your spend.


Not all HR bots are created equal. Differences in purpose mean that some focus on different activities. Recruitment, HR Helpdesk, holiday or leave approvals or employee engagement. Identifying what you need your bot to do is key.

It impacts your choices as some types of bot (e.g. recruitment) perform activities that are better suited to automated workflows.

Why would that be? The main problem area that they can tackle is the co-ordination of diaries – candidate, hiring manager, hr and/or other attendees. This can be very time-consuming work for a recruiter to undertake but much quicker response time for a bot to filter availability into diaries. Resulting in better candidate experience and reduced time to hire (saving money in the long term).

Some companies have more than one bot – each with different functionality: e.g. recruitment and automating HR helpdesk operations.

There are options for you to extend your capabilities in the future, should you select a supplier with many bots on offer. But, do consider how users may use these different options


We are often told that this is a “deal-breaker”. The HR chatbot needs to integrate into the HR database and/or another system like Microsoft Teams. And we get it, having a system that doesn’t talk to your other systems is another thing you need to think about. But this comes back to what purpose your bot has and thus what’s the purpose of the integration.

There are 2 different things to think about:

1. Is integration essential to the purpose or functionality of your bot? If it’s processing holiday approvals that's critical.

2. GDPR legislation means that the sharing of information needs, of course, to be justifiable in the context. Because you can share it, it doesn’t mean you should. This is an area that we keep an eye on in HaRi-Bot. We are constantly checking to see what data is being used. If we don’t need it, we don’t want it.

Implementation and training (of people and the bot)

Depending on the size and scale of your organisation there can be implementation charges or set-up fees. These are one-off fees that are due upfront to set the system up for your company. These can be sizeable, running into thousands of pounds but are accompanied by support to ensure that the system is up and running in your organisation and working at its best.