Do you have a constantly revolving door on HR?

HR departments should have revolving office doors. I was an HR team member for 20 years, I know how it is! Every rotation of the door brings a new question: Is the office open for the bank holiday? What is my maternity leave entitlement? Can I transfer my pension? I’ve got a sore knee, is physio covered by my medical insurance? The list really is endless, and firefighting such questions were a distraction from the strategic requirements of my HR role.

I played a vital role in recruiting the very best people for our business. I was committed to supporting the mental health of our colleagues and I enjoyed cultivating a great culture for our employees by developing meaningful engagement programs. And yet the revolving door kept on turning!

Ask any group of HR people why they love their job and they’re likely to say it’s the variety in their role. The fact “no two days are the same” is great, but many of the questions we field are the same. As a busy HR Manager & Director, I knew there had to be a more efficient use of my time and better use for my skills. That’s why I developed HaRi-Bot ®.

HaRi-Bot ® is a Human Resources Artificial Intelligence chatbot, or HaRi as “it” is affectionally known!

HaRi-Bot ® automates first line general HR queries, freeing up your HR skills for activities that add real value to your business. HaRi-Bot ® is an extra member of your team that is always available to help.

The answers to many HR questions are often already available to employees in handbooks, policies or procedures. HaRi-Bot ® combines with your existing company-specific HR data, policies and procedures to collate this information and offer a seamless interaction that delivers answers easily and quickly. HaRi-Bot’s reporting capabilities enable teams to analyse the types of questions being asked; insightful when considering staff engagement initiatives or policy updates.

HaRi-Bot ® is accessed via an app on the employee’s phone. Information is available 24/7, 365 days and will be updated to reflect your latest staff policies.

HaRi-Bot ® is the team member you can’t be without! Book a free demo here.

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