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COVID-19 information & resources

It's an exceptional event and likely wasn't on anyone's risk register so plans have been a little fluid. The information changes daily on #CoronaVirus although there are key resources and some consistent information available.

As we are UK based, these resources and information tools are focussed on the UK.

Global View

Firstly, the World Health Organisation has a dedicated page for the virus. They also have an excellent Q&A page. This is the most reliable source for the global up to date picture and advice.

In particular, if you are not following them on Twitter: @WHO, @DrTedros (Director-General) are two that we already follow and would recommend.

UK View

In the UK, the government office with responsibility for the response to the virus is the Department of Health & Social Care, you can view their virus page here.

There are two pages that may be useful to be providing your employees

NHSUK/coronavirus has information about the virus and how to protect yourself.

There is also a 111 online coronavirus service to check if you need medical help.

Advice for Employers

With regards to how you handle things as an employer and HR department, CIPD and ACAS are your best bet to ensure that you are applying consistent and fair treatment to your employees:

CIPD have a dedicated open page along with FAQ's and an excellent factsheet

ACAS page is available here and contains sound advice regarding the scenarios that may apply during this exceptional situation.

Wash your hands (and a bit of humour)

This cannot be emphasised enough and @Rob_Briner said it best on Twitter recently: Ordinary people doing ordinary things in a competent way.

It's amazing what a simple act can do and the impact it can have, not just on time but also on the number of people infected. There is an excellent video embedded in this tweet from @FryRSquared "This is our 2018 simulation of the difference that everyone washing their hands 5-10 times a day might make to the spread of a flu-like virus."

Basic but yes, it makes a difference to everyone.

#CoronaVirusChallenge is seeing people post catchy videos on ways to wash your hands