900+ Employees, 5 Locations

The People Team at Dundee & Angus College serves a diverse range of academic and support staff.  As a small HR team of 5, they were continually being stretched to deliver more with the same, or less, resources.

HaRi-Bot has extended the HR team capacity by answering a wide range of general HR queries quickly.

You can read their own words on the impact that HaRi-Bot has made below.


Head of People & Organisational Development, Dundee & Angus College

Abigail Mawhirt

AGM 2019 (1).jpg

“HaRi-Bot is a very handy tool for our employees; easy to use and available at times they find beneficial.”

“We’ve enhanced our services by adding HaRi-Bot. It was very easy; both to implement and for our staff to understand and use.”

“AI is coming up more and more in our organisation as we look to future-proof our business. Using HaRi-Bot has started to build AI awareness and understanding within our HR team, allowing us to actively engage and guide the conversation.”

“We’re delighted that we have modernised our HR offering with HaRi-Bot. It’s allowed us to very quickly implement emerging technology and is now providing us with a leading voice in the organisation, with others asking for our advice on the topic of AI.”