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Human Resources Intelligence is a leading provider of cutting-edge HR technologies and services, offering scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes. Founded by Louise Rogers, a career HR Generalist and Chartered Fellow CIPD.  She learned from doing the job and started by scribbling her ideas on a piece of paper, today we offer smart, innovative solutions across the UK and worldwide. Why not join our fast-growing client base? Get in touch today to learn more.


We wouldn’t be able to take Human Resources Intelligence to the next level without our incredible team who collaborate together to make each product come to life. We offer all of our clients smart and useful products aimed at making their lives easier. Read below to learn more about the Human Resources Intelligence team.

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Louise is our Founder.  She is an experienced international HR leader with a proven track record of success, in strategic and operational HR, across a diverse range of businesses.
She is a B.Sc. (Hons) graduate from the University of Abertay and a Chartered Fellow with CIPD.
She has worked on a global basis and brings this perspective to HRI. Having lived in both the UK and US, Louise has supported teams in Europe, North America, India, UAE, and Asia.
She has had Executive ownership of People, Culture, Facilities & Internal Communications.


If your job, as an HR leader, is anything like mine was, I know you’re trying to do more with less...

Less team members, less time, less resources, less training, and an ever-growing list of demands from your colleagues! Always playing catch up, reacting and never finding the time to plan and all the while the list just keeps growing and the work keeps piling up. It’s exhausting!

You can’t add more hours into the day, so what other option is there? If you stopped and thought; what could you do differently? What could you get done with 25% of you and your team’s time or more? It’s the marginal gains in your day that combine to make a difference.

It’s been proven a thousand times in every environment from sport to business. Start small and remove one repetitive, mundane activity can free up time across your team (and your employees). And yes, it is possible!

HaRi-Bot deals with all the repetitive questions that you and your team receive. You know the ones that really matter to employees but take time and effort from your team members to handle them each and every time (what’s my paternity leave; can I take time off for a funeral; can I apply for flexible working?).

It does the work for you and provides quick, accurate responses to your employees, 24/7/365. It doesn’t need a holiday and doesn’t want to do different things to vary its day. Its sole purpose is to answer those questions.

It frees up your time, allowing you and your team to tackle that to
do list and work on the things that really make a difference to the future of your company; safe in the knowledge that HaRi-Bot is doing the work for you.





We value the trust you place in us and consider the impacts of intelligent automation as fundamental to our processes.

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We value each other and the individual skills & experience we bring.

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We are constantly improving what and how we do things.  We move quickly and reflect often.



We know HR and we know cutting edge technology.  What we do, we do well.